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How to Rope in the Finest of Education Consultants?

Hey, there! Did you know over 1 million Indian students are studying abroad? Well, the number is deemed to rise by 15% in the coming years due to factors like quality education, infrastructure, global exposure, safety, and an increase in per capita income. Sadly, the journey to a foreign university demands immense perseverance, hard work, and proper guidance from the best education consultant in Noida, India.

There are hundreds of overseas education consultants in India aiming to assist students at an international level. Most of them are highly professional, well-trained, and exceptionally qualified to offer end-to-end overseas education consultations.

However, the thing is, when you are spoilt for choices, finding the best Abroad Study Consultant in Noida, India, that bestows the best-of-the-line services and helps students attain their dream of studying abroad can be a tough hill to climb.

Fortunately, this blog will give you tidbits about finding the best overseas education consultants so you can make the right choice and save yourself from unfortunate encounters.

Before that, let’s quickly discuss the benefits of having a study abroad consultant:

  • For starters, they are the domain experts, so they are well aware of the latest updates in the academic industry

  • Consultants with relevant qualifications and experience analyse aspirants' weaknesses, strengths, and skills and guide them accordingly.

  • The best education consultants in Noida, India and other Indian cities share strong links with finance companies. Therefore, they can assist students in getting the necessary financial support like student education loans and scholarships.

  • They offer complete guidance and mentorship for test preparation for SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, etc.

Vital Factors to Keep in Mind While Short-listing Study Abroad Consultants in India:

  • Consultant’s Experience and Qualifications

One of the essential aspects you must enquire about while choosing a consultant is this. Inevitably, the mentor must be qualified and experienced in the domain and be well-informed of the latest developments in the study abroad domain. So alums from top-tier universities would be a great pick as they are well-aware of the process to the core.

  • Mode of Consultation

Most study abroad aspirants look for mentorship for test preparation. It could be online or classroom coaching, depending on the student's needs and preferred learning mode. Classroom coaching offers infrastructure and networking opportunities, while online coaching ensures flexibility in learning, easy availability of study material and 24x7 availability of student support. Hence, opt for consultants that offer both modes to suit students’ needs.

  • Business Duration & Online Duration

One way to learn about your potential consultant is to conduct thorough online research. It will help you learn everything about the consultants, their journey, success stories, qualifications, and other services. For example, you can do a Google search, scan their websites and social media pages, and connect with the previous users to cross-check all the information you have found online.

  • Transparency & Data Security

A good study abroad consultant’s ultimate goal is to help students meet the admission eligibility requirements, solve their queries and address their needs with utmost honesty and dedication. They can be your guiding light and help you overcome every obstacle on the way to fulfilling your dream of studying abroad. That said, strictly avoid consultants making over-the-top guarantees. Your aim should be to hire someone who is open and transparent with their policies and offers complete security from malware and data breaches.

  • Value Added Services (VAS)

For Indians, studying abroad can be expensive. Hefty tuition fees, costly lifestyles, and high tutoring services are some factors that hinder students' dreams of studying abroad. However, the best consultants give their might and main to guide students with their financing options and secure profitable study loans. In addition, they assist with foreign exchange needs, travel and accommodation facilities, course selection, and admission procedures while abiding by government rules.

So you see, the right consultant can be the ‘Guardian Angel’ you need to fulfill your dream of studying at a foreign university. Thus, don't hesitate to fire questions at them. Talk to them, ask as many questions as you want, and solve every query about admissions, test preparation, and profile development to make informed decisions and not regret them later.

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